About us

SJ productions, established in 2012, began as a music production company and eventually became one of the longest standing entities that is specialized in music production and design & print production companies in Palestine. SJ has composed / arranged more than 20 albums, 20 solos, and over 30 music videos for such well known bands as “Yalalan” and “Hawa Dafi”. Eventually, we created the SJ family that consist from; SJ Music Productions, Jafra Design & Print, Jafra studio, Jafra Agency and Jafra Palestine Coffee House.

Our music is made by a dedicated team, producers and musicians led by the musician Samer Jaradat, who has a vast broadcast experience. Established in 2012 the firm has earned an exceptional and an impressive roster of clients by committing to help our clients reach their full potential in a company that is a top notch, with 7 years of experience.

Part of our mission, is to provide our clients professional guidance toward their audio and video needs. With the latest technology used, you will get the highest quality in recordings. Your video recordings can now have a professional look and sound that meets professional standards. Also, we provide analog and digital Recording and Mixing services. We work with different genres, rock, pop, punk, dance, electro, folk, jazz, choral, orchestral.


We believe that independent music is one of the most important means of liberation, independence and respect for others.


We raise ourselves and those who we live with, through a liberate musical content that inevitably leads us to all places.

sound Engineer
Ehab Haniyah
Sound Engineer & Production Supervisor
Print Production
Samar Jaradat
Account Executive
Sami Jaradat
Print Production Officer
Samer Jaradat
General Manager & Founder
Ibtisam Ahmad
Public Relation & Media Officer
Jacob Hammoudeh
Music Arranger & Supervisor
Rami Warasna
Music Production Officer
Mamoun AbuFarha
Video Production Officer
Arwa Abu Karsh
George Abu Ghazaleh
Senior Sales
Hasan As’ad
Graphic Designer & Product Development
Nisreen Husien
Financial Officer
Ebal Al-Tamimi
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